Home Inspections: A Necessary Hassle?

Whether you are dealing with a Buyers inspection or a Sellers inspection, you are more than likely going to get a list of necessary repairs required to move in or out of your home. While this may seem like an unecessary hassle in the midst of making a major change in your life, yet this is the time when your city or township has an opportunity to make sure that thier property values do not decline due to neglected structures. Many items on the list are simple repairs, but it is also a big undertaking trying to get contractors coordinated to get certain projects done so that the next contractor can come in and do thier repairs.

Inspection Repairs: Our Specialty!

We can take your whole list, part of the list or just 1 item on the list. No matter how long it is, we will sort the jobs amongst our contractors based upon thier needs. This takes the pressure off of you having to coordinate contractors for different aspects of the project, which can be very difficult when a plumbing contractor has to finish the plumbing before the electrician can run the electric and then the painting contractor has to fix the drywall so that the mud and paint can be finished. We handle all of the scheduling, coordinating, and doing all repairs.